The Truckload Carriers Association is hosting an audio conference from noon to 1:30 p.m. ET Jan. 18 entitled, “Navigating the Economy and Capital Markets.”

The conference will take a look at the economic landscape for trucking in 2007, with discussion on means of finding money for growth, restructuring and survival.
Bob Costello, chief economist and vice president of the American Trucking Associations, will outline a number of topics, including:
• The general economic trends, including gross domestic product, employment, consumer confidence, retail sales, interest rates and inflation
• The specific manufacturing trends, regarding autos, capital goods, durables and non-durables
• The motor carrier industry trends
• Freight volumes by TL carrier type, small, large, average length-of-haul, freight segments
• Diesel price outlook
• Carrier driver turnover, equipment trends, driver wages
• Capacity issues and trends
• The outlook for the 2007 economy and trucking
Tom O’Bryant, senior vice president and managing director of surface transportation for LaSalle Bank will talk about:
• How to attract debt capital in today’s environment
• The basic financial institution lending criteria
• How to demonstrate your company's financial
position to prospective debt capital providers.
To participate, simply register, then dial in on a speakerphone and have any number of employees listen in. Individuals have the ability to ask questions during the audio conference, making the experience interactive as well.
Cost of the conference, which includes live site hook-up and materials, is $129 per site for TCA members and $159 per site for non-members.
For more information or to register, e-mail or contact Virginia DeRoze at (703) 838-1950.