Schneider National has signed a multi-year agreement with Atlas Ergonomics to provide drivers a range of needed health services at in-house Operating Centers (company-owned truckstops) across North America — at no cost
to the drivers. Services include physical therapy, blood pressure monitoring, diet and nutrition counseling and exercise education.
The 12 centers are staffed by full-time, certified physical and occupational therapists who work one-to-one with drivers, and who can provide expert referrals for other challenges they often face, including sleep disorders, smoking, family and personal issues.
To make the process simple for the driver, the in-house clinics are tied together through an electronic medical records system. For example, as drivers move from Fontana, Calif., to Charlotte, N.C., their records move with them. Treatment started at one location can be maintained efficiently at another, allowing the driver to maintain a normal work schedule.
"Our success depends on our drivers,” said Wendy Sullivan, occupational health manager for Schneider National. "These hardworking people struggle with the same health issues as you and me, but their situations are often made worse because they're away from home for extended periods without easy access to health services.”
Drew Bossen, executive vice president of Atlas Ergonomics, observed, "Schneider's approach is unique and proactive, and demonstrates deep commitment to employees and their families. Other organizations respond to employees bringing issues forward, but the goal of this program is to seek out potential problems and make finding a solution as simple as possible.”
Bossen added, "Over the next few weeks during training, drivers will complete comprehensive discomfort surveys, allowing us to pinpoint specific problems and provide immediate help at easily accessible locations.”
Said Schneider's Sullivan, "Our goal is to make caring for our drivers and their families as easy and effective as possible. By doing so we are able to better support our people and our values.”
Both organizations say they plan to expand the program's services and locations.