Kenworth is expanding its state-of-the-art production plant in Chillicothe, Ohio, by nearly 30 percent according to company officials. The major project will add 105,000 square feet to the Kenworth-Chillicothe plant,
which has produced more than 270,000 trucks since it opened in 1974. The Kenworth facility is located on 120 acres and currently is 372,000 square feet in size.
Tony McQuary, Kenworth assistant general manager for operations, said, “This major plant expansion will further advance Kenworth’s quality and Kenworth-Chillicothe’s build capacity. The project work started in July and is scheduled for completion next summer.”
McQuary said the expansion project will add new manufacturing technologies and processes with an extension to Kenworth-Chillicothe’s mainline; new cab, sleeper, and Kenworth T2000 trim lines; and advancements in plant logistics.
Earlier this year, Kenworth’s Chillicothe plant completed implementation of a major cab and sleeper robotic paint system.