The American Trucking Associations has asked the U.S. Department of Energy to consider creating a single national diesel fuel standard
as part of any long-term energy strategy. According to the association, ATA President Bill Graves stated the case in a recent letter to Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman.
“The ongoing proliferation of so-called boutique fuels adds to the complexity and costs of diesel fuel refining,” Graves said in the letter. “The trucking industry believes that a single national diesel fuel standard is the best way to ensure an adequate, uninterrupted supply of this commodity.”
During the past year, diesel and gasoline prices set record highs as crude oil prices soared to over $57 a barrel. The vast majority of trucks operating on the nation’s highways run on diesel fuel, which averaged $2.12 a gallon so far this year with a high of $2.316 on April 11. Currently, the national average is over $2.25 per gallon.