The 1st Annual Mid-America Big-Rig Build-Off was held at the Mid-America Truck Show. Stars & Stripes Truck Show Events announced the winner late last week.
© Bette Garber
© Bette Garber

The unusual contest featured five trucks from across the US and Canada in a hard-fought, no-limits competition. The competition gave truck builders the opportunity to show off what they could do with a truck ­ taking their imaginations and efforts to new levels. These trucks did not have to be road-worthy, no DOT certifications were required. The companies who brought vehicles to the show included K&L Chrome Shop, Quality Custom, Inc., Elizabeth Truck Center, 4 States Trucks and Valley Custom Trucks.
Judging was done by MATS attendees, with badges being swiped through electronic readers ­ one vote per person.
When the dust settled and the last of the votes was tallied, Elizabeth Truck Center’s entry was awarded the Champion’s trophy and bragging rights.
It took close to 8,000 man hours over 3-1/2 months to build Elizabeth Truck Center’s entry, “The Beast,” which began as a wrecked1999 Peterbilt 379 car carrier. Only the cab, engine, transmission and rear suspension were salvaged. Everything else was fabricated, including the chassis. The entire design, fabrication, interior and all paint work were done under one roof ­ at Elizabeth Truck Center’s Car Craft Truck Works facility in Staten Island, N.Y.
The truck will be on display in Boston April 28-30 at the North American Truck Show, held at the new Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.
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