The Buffalo, N.Y., news reported yesterday that N.Y State Thruway officials may reduce a proposed toll hike for certain trucks, which were facing rate increases as high as 100 percent under a toll increase plan.

The Thruway Authority wants raise passenger car tolls by 25 percent and truck tolls by an average of 35 percent. The toll hike, intended to help pay for a new capital program, will bring toll revenues from about $440 million in 2004 to $608 million by 2006.
The plan also includes simplifying the 43 different rate structures to nine, a change that would boost fares for many trucks significantly beyond the 35 percent average increase.
William Joyce, president of the New York State Motor Truck Assn. said many trucks would be hit with toll hikes of 60 percent to 100 percent - not the 35 percent that was characterized by Thruway officials when the plan was first released.
"Our feeling is it's bad enough with their 25 percent plan for cars and 35 percent for trucks, but if you say it's going to be 35 percent then it should be 35 percent," Joyce said.
The Thruway board is slated to vote on the plan at its April 25 meeting.