SiriCOMM Inc., Joplin, Mo., on Wednesday announced an update to the company's technology platform.

According to the company, the latest update increases overall network performance, enhances security and strengthens the core system. SiriCOMM provides transportation solutions and services over its network of Wi-Fi hot spots.
SiriCOMM's platform, developed in 2000, operates the remote server that is installed at each SiriCOMM Wi-Fi hot spot. The platform includes data compression and replication technologies to improve overall network performance while providing a simple platform for hosted applications.
"We've successfully increased the performance, enhanced the security and stabilized the application framework that make up our core systems," said Kory Dillman, executive vice president for SiriCOMM.
With these improvements, applications can easily be installed and implemented without additional technology.
SiriCOMM Wi-Fi hot spots are installed at 255 Pilot Travel Centers nationwide as well as independently operated travel centers and truck fleet terminals. The company plans to continue installing hot spots, focusing on high-traffic locations frequented by truck drivers and other industry stakeholders.
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