XATA Corp., Minneapolis, Minn., has announced that the private delivery fleet of Core-Mark International is installing XATANET in its fleet of 325 vehicles operating at 17 sites in the U.S. and Canada.

XATANET is a web-based fleet management and communications solution delivered as an ASP (Application Service Provider), which means the software resides on a XATA server and is accessed by customers over the Internet. Also called a hosted service, this model allows fleets to use fleet management technology while avoiding the installation and maintenance of software.
XATANET delivers full-featured fleet management functionality at a monthly cost based on usage.
Core-Mark distributes consumer packaged goods and store supplies to a variety of stores, including traditional convenience retailers, mass merchandisers, drug, liquor and specialty stores, and other stores that carry consumer packaged goods. After using XATANET for several months, the company elected to roll out the system’s multi-mode communications platform across its entire fleet.
The combination of third-generation digital cellular and satellite networks creates a speed and coverage advantage allowing Core-Mark to optimize resources in real-time while managing on-going wireless communication and software management costs.
For more information, visit www.xata.com.