A group of Vietnam veterans is looking for truckers for an upcoming reunion.
During the search for members of former "Darkhorse" air cavalry units, they have discovered that about 10% are either currently driving some type of big rig, or are retired from the occupation.
The unit used the radio call-sign "Darkhorse" with internal platoons using the call-signs Mustang, Clown, 4 Horsemen, Outcast, Doughboy and Wildcat.
The Darkhorse group is made up of veterans of D Troop (air) 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry C Troop (air) 16th Cavalry, who served on Huey helicopters in Vietnam.
To date, organizers have found or accounted for more than 600 of the men who served in the units.
There have been several small reunions, but this year the group said it will hold one large reunion June 17-23 in Atlanta, Ga..
For more information, email DarkhorseReunion@aol.com or visit http://home.jps.net/~dhcntrl/