Terion has added Emergency Track to its Fleetview trailer tracking product, along with other upgrades.

Emergency Track allows customers to quickly and easily locate trailers on demand and track movement. Additional upgrades include the Locate Asset Notification Feature, which e-mails the customer when the GPS information has been updated, and the Asset Manage Report, which lets the user monitor and manage their calling plan.
Emergency Track can follow the trailer’s exact movement. Companies can track a lost or stolen trailer’s position at intervals ranging between 5 minutes to an hour depending on the tracking urgency. A request is sent to the FleetView unit to respond with its current location. Once the unit responds, an e-mail notification is sent to the user with the trailer’s location. The trailer’s position is documented on a map and updated periodically based on the time interval selected. A display reminds the user to turn off the Emergency Track feature to avoid additional messaging costs.
FleetView supplies fleet management information through the Internet, integrating GPS and cellular technology for comprehensive coverage. The system is concealed to provide a covert installation. It communicates real-time trailer location and event status when the trailer is tethered to or untethered from a tractor. The system supports over-the-air software downloads for device settings and software upgrades.