Missouri-based Prime Inc. has joined the Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition,
a business-led, Customs-supported alliance crated to combat the smuggling of contraband via commercial trade.
The company says the membership shows its proactive approach to the war on drugs and terrorism.
The BASC was initiated in March 1996. Prime was introduced to the program in September 1998, when company representatives were invited to Laredo, Texas, to hear more about it. Upon learning that BASC's primary objective is to combat the movement of illicit narcotics via commercial shipments, Prime requested to participate as a business partner. The company's application was accepted last fall.
Some of the measures Prime already is taking to deter narcotics smuggling include background checks on employees, a drug-free workplace policy, drug testing, procedures for reporting the discovery of illegal drugs or illegal drug use, training personnel to identify suspect shipments, anti-drug agreements with other business partners, sealing and locking all loaded trailers, and tracking movements of shipments.