Dart Transit and its Highway Sales lease/purchase company will be offering 100 new tractors over the next few months.

The tractors include 50 Kenworth T600s and 50 Freightliner Columbias. Both models are spec'd for fuel economy and low operating costs, according to John Seibel, president of Highway Sales.
The trucks are available through Highway Sales to independent contractors who lease them to Dart. The trucks can be purchased outright with the buyer's own financing, or with flexible terms from several participating vendors. Available options include a lease with monthly payments that shrink as the truck gets older.
All 100 trucks will be built before the EPA's October 1 mandate for new engine technology. "EPA rules are a good reason to buy one of these new trucks," explained Seibel. "Technical experts say that engines built to meet those new standards will cost significantly more, but may be less reliable and less fuel efficient. "
The Kenworth T600s have a 234-inch wheelbase, 72-inch Aerodyne sleeper, Cat C-15 375/435 engine, 10 speed transmission, Jake Brake and cruise control. Freightliner Columbia specifications include a 70-inch combo sleeper, 12.7 liter 360/430 horsepower Detroit engine, 10 speed transmission, Jake Brake and cruise control.