Nistevo Corp. has expanded its Carrier Community to over 300 carrier organizations.

Nistevo is a hosted software service that allows shippers and carriers (sometimes competing) to collaborate and execute logistics operations. It has been regarded with suspicion by some carriers who believe it's out to reduce their business.
Nistevo is looking to gather input from the members of the Carrier Community through product focus groups, Nistevo community meetings, and one-on-one dialogues.
Nistevo's Carrier Community consists of all carriers actively using the Nistevo network and represents a variety of national, regional & local truckload companies.
The Carrier Community will replace Nistevo's Carrier Advisory Board that was created in January 2001 and included representatives from 10 of the nation's largest carriers. All members of the Carrier Advisory Board are members of the Carrier Community.
To date, 295 carriers are active on the Nistevo network, and have worked with their shippers online to manage over 250 million miles of freight, according to the company. Another 700 carriers are profiled on the network, and will be live shortly.
As active members of the network, carriers are invited to attend monthly conference calls that will be focused on learning more about Nistevo's technology; given an opportunity to participate in technology focus groups and provide carrier input to the functionality of future product; and provided an opportunity to attend Nistevo Community Meetings with the shipper members of Nistevo's network.
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