The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has created a special unit targeting commercial vehicles.

According to the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Sun-Sentinel, only one other local police agency in the state has the authority to stop and cite trucks for weight violations and faulty equipment: Coral Springs.
The new Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit will have four deputies. Two of them were recruited from the state Department of Transportation's Motor Carrier Compliance Division. They will be on the lookout for tire, brake, lights and driver qualification violations, as well as weight and speed. Patrols are expected to start no later than Nov. 1, after the deputies undergo special commercial enforcement training.
Palm Beach County averages 1,500 truck-related crashes a year. Truckers hauling in and out of ports and rock quarries are among those who tend to be overlooked by state police, who concentrate on the Interstates and turnpikes.