The Truckload Carriers Association is looking for entries in its fifth annual truck driver photo contest.
Last year's grand prize winner, by Larry and Tinker Raasch of Bare Rabbit Ranch Trucking.
Last year's grand prize winner, by Larry and Tinker Raasch of Bare Rabbit Ranch Trucking.

The contest -- designed to recognize drivers who are also talented amateur photographers -- is open to truck drivers who are currently employed with or leased to a trucking company.
Prizes are $1,000 for the grand prize, $750 for second place, $500 for third place, $100 for fourth, fifth, and sixth places, and $50 for each honorable mention (up to four). All winning photos will be published in TCA's 2001-2002 annual report. The deadline for the contest is Dec. 14.
TCA is particularly interested in shots featuring the truckload segment of the trucking industry. Photos may include standard truck shots, action photos, pictures involving a truck and kids and/or pets, close-ups of truck parts, views of roads, or depictions of life on the road such as truckstops, loading docks, inspections, weigh stations, etc.
Drivers must be amateur (not professional) photographers and can submit up to three non-returnable color prints. On the back of each print, clearly write the driver's name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, as well as the company name, address, and telephone number. Do not write with dark marker that could bleed through or onto the print in front/behind it. Digital photos are accepted, but not encouraged. If a driver wishes to use a digital photo, he/she must print the photo out in color for the judges to compare against all other entries. Only if the photo wins will TCA ask for the original digital file.
Mail submissions to Truckload Carriers Association, Attn: Photo Contest, 2200 Mill Road, Alexandria, VA 22314. Complete rules and samples of winning photos from previous years can be found at