A truckside advertising company and one of the nation’s largest truckload carriers have teamed up.

MediaVehicles, is partnering with Roadway Express to manage all of the company’s current and future truckside advertising relationships. MediaVehicles will handle all requests for use of Roadway’s fleet of roughly 35,000 trailers, as well as administer all truckside advertising programs throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.
The partnership is believed to be the first turnkey outsourcing agreement in the truckside advertising business, with MediaVehicles scheduling all programs and controlling the entire inventory for the carrier. The addition of Roadway’s trailer fleet brings MediaVehicles’ inventory of trucks and trailers to nearly 50,000. MediaVehicles says that’s about the total number of trains and buses that carry transit advertising in the United States, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.
"Partnering with Roadway is a tremendous accomplishment for MediaVehicles," said Bill Moser, senior vice president of operations for the company. "The fact that the leading LTL carrier in North America has entrusted its entire truckside advertising business with us serves as a testament that we are the only truckside advertising company with the systems and experience to provide seamless coverage throughout North America."
Roadway and other motor carriers benefit from carrying truckside advertising because the medium provides an additional source of revenue at no cost to the company, without interruption of its core business operations. While details of the Roadway deal were not disclosed, MediaVehicles will begin managing Roadway’s truckside advertising programs by early August.