A web-based qualification program currently being tested by the Military Traffic Management Command would cut carrier qualification time from several weeks to 24-48 hours.

"By doing this we'll bring in more qualified carriers in a faster, paperless fashion," said Maj. Donna Johnson, chief, Automation Branch, Operations Div. "This will greatly reduce the bureaucracy a qualified carrier is confronted with when trying to haul Department of Defense freight."
MTMC has reduced the number of documents required to three and has eliminated duplicate requirements of MTMC and the Department of Transportation. Carriers in the following categories will qualify: common, hazardous materials, bulk fuel, shipper agents, freight forwarders, air freight forwarders, brokers and transportation protective services. Automation for full implementation is expected to be in place within 90 days. The certification process will be published in MTMC Rules Publication 1-B. More information can be found at www.mtmc.army.mil.