Engine maker Cummins Inc., Columbus, Ind., has introduced an interface for its dash-mounted, on-board computer to enable state fuel tax reporting.

The new interface allows the Cummins’ RoadRelay 4 computer with GPS (Global Positioning System) to provide data for the ProMiles Fuel Tax system from ProMiles Software Development Corp. of Bridge City, Texas.
According to Cummins’ announcement, the RoadRelay 4 with GPS and ProMiles Fuel Tax system automatically provides state-by-state, vehicle-by-vehicle fuel tax information and trip sheets. However, it must be integrated with Cummins INFORM or INSPEC vehicle and fleet management software.
INSPEC tracks core data from specific Cummins engines. INFORM deals with operational, driver-side issues. Enabling the "Route" feature in a RoadRelay 4 allows the unit to record GPS coordinates every time a specific events such as key on/off occurs. Once RoadRelay 4 data is downloaded into INFORM or INSPEC software, it can then be exported to Cummins’ PowerTrip.
PowerTrip by ProMiles software allows users to import trip data directly into the fuel tax software. It also produces and prints trip sheets for use as backup in the case of an audit.
Other new features on RoadRelay 4 and related Cummins products include detailed route reports, system reconfiguration and fault reports. Detailed route reporting can be exported to a mapping package and can recognize different routes, new drivers and out-of-route miles.
Updated fault reports now include fault codes, text descriptions and driver identification for multiple drivers. When information is downloaded using INFORM, the system explains the actual fault details, including the time and date of the first and last occurrences. The GPS unit details where the faults took place.