My Roadway, My UPS, My ABF, My Yellow.
Everywhere you look -- at least on big carrier web sites -- it’s the “my, my, my” of personalized account pages.
A bit monotonous, don’t you think?
Well, a British transportation technology site called has finally broken the personal pronoun barrier and gone two steps farther (Don’t try to sign up; only functions in the United Kingdom right now).

Naturally, begins with “My Freight” in which links individual fleets with shippers, etc. No surprise there.
But then eLogistics takes that first step into new territory with a service that pools fleet assets for greater efficiency.
It’s called “Our Freight.”
Finally, there’s the option that allows customers to establish their very own transportation marketplace “in a vertical market or country.”
What’s it called?
“Your Freight.”
We should thank the Brits for their linguistic trailblazing. However, as the early adopters of pronoun logistics, we should not allow ourselves to be outdone.
The obvious next steps: gender-specific online freight markets named “His Freight” and “Her Freight.”
And someday perhaps, Americans can establish the inevitable web-based services for the criminal community of hijackers, thieves and fences.
We’ll call it “Their Freight.”