Louisiana has decided to deploy PrePass automatic weigh station bypass systems at 12 locations - a decision that will allow PrePass equipped trucks to travel coast-to-coast on I-10 without stopping for scales.

The Louisiana Motor Transport Association announced its support for the decision. "PrePass is a benefit to Louisiana's motor carriers," said Cathy Gautreaux, executive director of LMTA, saying it would mean "a big boost in productivity for our state's motor carriers and the shippers we serve."
PrePass lets qualified motor carriers comply electronically with state weight, safety and tax credential requirements at normal highway speeds. The association notes that as more and more carriers use this technology, stationary weigh scale sites will become less crowded and more efficient - reducing and eventually eliminating the unsafe situation of trucks stopped on the entrance ramps on the interstates.
PrePass and weigh-in-motion technology will be available at all Interstate Louisiana weigh stations.
For more information, visit www.prepass.com.