Motor carriers now must update MCS-150 information every 24 months.

The Form MCS-150 is a report all motor carriers subject to federal safety regulations must complete before they begin operations in interstate commerce. It requires basic information including name, address, telephone number, cargo classifications, types of hazardous material hauled, fleet size, number of drivers and types of operations. The information is used to track motor carrier safety performance, assess nationwide safety trends, and evaluate effectiveness of safety programs.
Previously, motor carriers had to file the form once, when they began operations. FMCSA says the two-year update cycle will significantly improve the quality of its database and its ability to target inspection and enforcement resources.
To make the new procedures simpler for motor carriers and manageable for the agency, FMCSA has set staggered filing dates according to the last two digits of a motor carrier’s USDOT number.
If the next to last digit in the number is odd, the carrier must file in odd numbered years. If it’s even, the carrier must file in even numbered years. (Zero is considered to be a even number).
The last digit in the USDOT number determines the month a carrier must file. For instance, if the last number is 1, the updated report is due by the end of January. If it’s 2, the report is due the end of February. If it’s zero, the report is due by the end of October. Carriers required to file in January or February of 2001 have been granted an extension to March 30. Carriers that annually submit similar information to the states under FMCSA’s PRISM program will not have to refile with FMCSA.
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