Black ice on West Virginia Turnpike bridges and hills caused numerous accidents this morning, bringing traffic to a standstill, according to Associated Press reports.

"We have had a couple of tractor-trailers and numerous automobile accidents in and around some of the bridges," said Larry Cousins, general manager of the West Virginia Parkways Economic Development and Tourism Authority.
A hill near the Mossy exit was so icy that southbound cars had trouble climbing it, causing traffic to come to a halt, Cousins said. Two northbound tractor-trailers near the Mossy exit also wrecked. Cousins told the AP that no injuries were reported in any of the accidents. However, emergency officials in Raleigh County said there were up to 20 accidents in that county, some with injuries.
Black ice is formed when rain hits the cold roadway and freezes. Salt trucks were trying to improve conditions, signs were posted telling drivers of icy bridges and police were on hand to get people to slow down, Cousins said.