A three-part video training kit to help drivers and owners get top fuel economy by driving and managing assets intelligently will be available from Caterpillar early in 2001.

The three parts of the series are available separately or as a complete kit.
Program 1 is for the driver, with discussion about how to drive in the most economical fashion, using the torque of the engine to drive at maximum economy and minimum driver stress.
Program 2 is designed to help Cat owners get the most from their particular Cat engines, showing driving techniques and engine features that can gain performance without sacrificing economy.
The third video is for managers, again showing driving techniques but also offering management techniques and practices that include spec’ing for economy and performance, how to visualize savings and plan trips for improved efficiency. In addition to the video cassette, there is a workbook and a guide to help managers present the materials in group settings.
Called Power Professional, the tapes are designed to be a learning aid and a refresher course. The materials are based on training that has been developed over the years by Caterpillar’s Jim Booth and Phil Hook. Booth retired early this year, but his son, Jim Booth Jr., carries on the fuel-saving tradition along with Hook as consultant, driver trainer and economy driving guru.