Memphis, Tenn.-based M.S. Carriers is testing Freightliner Century Class S/T's equipped with high-tech safety equipment.

According to the Memphis Business Journal, the trucking company will begin testing the rigs next month.
The Freightliner Century Class S/T’s are equipped with the Eaton Vorad EVT-300 collision warning system, which alerts drivers to objects to the front and side of the truck, sounding an audible warning when a vehicle comes into close proximity.
The trucks also feature an advanced electronic braking system that is supposed to improve braking control of the vehicle and also help cut down on the distance needed to stop it.
Mike Reaves, M.S. Carriers’ senior vice president of driver services, told the paper the use of these types of systems in a new generation of over-the-road trucks could be a big step forward for the industry.
"There is a lot of technology out there that helps, plenty of technology that monitors the drivers actions after the fact so that we can go back after an incident and see if the driver went too fast or did he lose control," he said. "But we are testing new trucks that provide the kind of technology that will allow us to be a bit more proactive and try to prevent accidents before they happen."
Reaves told the Journal that the new model’s advanced systems are a step in the right direction, but there is still technology that could be employed, such as yaw meters that automatically apply the brakes when a truck leans too far in a comer.
If the trucks perform well in road tests over the next several months, M.S. Carriers, which buys about 1,000 new trucks each year, will consider phasing them into its fleet.
"Nothing will ever replace a very conscientious, motivated and well-trained truck driver," Reaves said.