Truckers in Canada angered over high fuel prices took their frustrations to the streets yesterday, slowing down traffic on the country’s busiest highway and blocking a Toronto Shell fuel depot.

According to the London Free Press, a slow moving convoy of nearly 100 big rigs started east of Toronto and moved west on Highway 401 after police told drivers that highway exits into the city’s core would be blocked to keep them from reaching the Ontario legislature.
The province has been trying to put together a deal that would pass along fuel surcharges to truckers who have been hit hard by skyrocketing diesel costs.
Economic Development Minister Al Palladini said he still wants a deal but wouldn't tolerate truck blockades.
“I will continue to facilitate but only if public safety is not compromised, only if responsible actions are taken, not irresponsible actions," he told the paper.
Palladini put forth a deal earlier this week where both shippers and carrier companies would have to agree to pass on a fuel surcharge of between 7 and 22 cents a mile to independent truckers.
Truckers ended up rejecting the offer, saying it lacked guarantees.
When talks with the province failed to start up again yesterday, dozens of owner-operators parked their rigs outside the Shell fuel depot to prevent fuel tankers destined for Ontario pumps from leaving.
According to the LFP, National Truckers Assocation Vice President Keith Swayne said when truckers got word that the province tried to delay talks until today, truckers viewed it as a stall tactic and surrounded the refinery.