MyPeople Networks (, a startup communications company based in New Haven, Conn., has rolled out a suite of wireless applications for a number of industries, including transportation.

According to John Astarita, director of business development, MyPeople’s wireless dispatch and tracking system can provide drivers with addresses, directions and other information. The two-way communication allows tracking to become real time, giving a broker, carrier or shipper timely knowledge of shipment status.
MyPeople's wireless dispatch and tracking solutions work on WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled cell phones, pagers, and internet-aware PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants or handheld computers). All are off-the-shelf devices, though WAP phones are not yet available in the U.S.
Global Positioning System location management capabilities can also be integrated with the dispatch and tracking system. The system is aimed primarily at regional private and LTL fleets operating in the range of a digital cellular phone provider.
According to Astarita, the system cost depends on particular customer configuration, but would initially run approximately $500 per truck with GPS and in the range of $40 per month per truck for ongoing service and support. Monthly pricing could be less for larger fleets.
Astarita said the system is currently being used successfully by a 25-truck fleet in New Jersey.