Some Scottish truckers decided to defy their union and the government by continuing a three-day blockade in Grangemouth this week protesting the high price of fuel, but their intensity was hampered when the Road Haulage Association pulled out of the demonstrations.

According to published reports, the RHA called for an end to the blockade Wednesday night, and the Scottish truckers were not too pleased.
Many of the association's 1,000 Scottish members resigned from the organization in protest.
RHA's chief executive Roger King arrived in Scotland Wednesday night but was warned by members not to attempt to address them.
One trucker told the paper that King would be "lynched" if he showed his face.
Phil Flanders, the regional RHA officer for Scotland, claimed to be the one to ask the members to call off the blockade.
"I can understand their frustration, but I took the decision to ask the members to call off the blockade," he said. "I don't want people being unable to get to work."