SMC³, the software provider of Peachtree City, Ga., has introduced FastClass, a Windows program to speed the search for listings in the National Motor Freight Classification.

According to SMC³, FastClass looks up commodity classifications "on the fly" while running on a standard PC. FastClass includes a complete cross-reference to all applicable rules, notes, online packaging and carrier listings. The program works like a web browser, allowing users to access various pages by moving between screens quickly and easily.
FastClass comes on a single CD and includes updates on a subscription basis at $575 per year for a single user. Network pricing is also available.
Many carriers still participate in the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, which publishes the NMFC, a directory of some 10,000 freight classifications used for rating purposes. The NMFC has survived trucking deregulation and the Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act that allows carriers to publish classifications independently. In many cases, the NMFC makes it possible for shippers to compare carrier rates in a meaningful way.