The Port of Los Angeles is holding a forum on proposed diesel regulations Thursday.

The forum will be held Thursday, Aug. 17, from 2 - 3:30 p.m. at the Port of Los Angeles Port Plaza, 100 W. 5th Street in San Pedro, Calif.
Speaking at the forum will be Dean Simeroth of the California Air Resources Board, Paul Wuebben of the South Coast Air Quality Management District and Larry A. Keller, Port of Los Angeles.
The California Air Resources Board has proposed regulations for low-sulfur diesel fuel which they hope to adopt by the end of September. The South Coast Air Quality Management District is also considering similar regulations, but with earlier implementation. This forum will provide an opportunity for industry members to provide input which may lead to changes in the final regulations.
For more information, contact Barbara Yamamoto at the Port of Los Angeles, (310) 732-3506.