The National Labor Relations Board today begins the second hearing into allegations that less-than-truckload carrier Overnite Transportation targeted union supporters for disciplinary action and firing.
The series of hearings began last week in Memphis, Tenn., and continues this week in Kansas City, Kan.

The hearings are part of a consolidated case in which 25 workers at different terminals say they were fired for their union activity, including the Kansas City facility. Overnite has denied the allegations.
Phil Young, the top Kansas City area Teamsters officer and the head of the union's national freight division, told the Kansas City Star that he isn't optimistic about the company and the union reaching agreement on a contract. "There's very little movement, just posturing and going around in circles." Young predicts that the dispute will have to be settled by the labor board and the courts.
Picketing continues against Overnite, as it has since late October of last year, in an unfair labor practices action against the company.