Qualcomm, Inc., of San Diego, CA, has linked with Carrier Logistics, Inc., Tarrytown, NY, to provide bundled mobile communications and business software for LTL carriers.

Qualcomm has long dominated the mobile communications market in the truckload sector. The company recently turned its attention to the large LTL market as well. The partnership with Carrier Logisitics will allow Qualcomm to offer totally integrated packages of mobile communications and business software to LTL carriers.
Carrier Logistics' FACTS2000 will be the top-of-the-line software with everything from freight pickup and delivery to general ledger. A more limited product called ROUTRONIC2000 will offer similar real-time dispatch, routing and cross-dock planning but without the deeper back-office functionality. Both systems will offer real-time vehicle tracking as well as driver performance monitoring -- data that can be used to assess real costs and enhance productivity.
Qualcomm's OmniTRACS system uses geo-stationary satellites to provide near universal communications coverage. OmniExpress makes use of the less expensive Sprint PCA digital cellular network for driver/dispatch communications. OmniTRACS and OmniExpress use the same GPS technology to track vehicle location.