After the American Lung Assn. failed to get the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its appeal on EPA regulations of diesel exhaust, the group has teamed up with the Clean Air Trust to produce radio ads asking listeners to urge President Clinton to address diesel exhaust pollution.

The ad starts out with the sound of truck engines and air horns. The announcer begins, They're dirty, smelly, and dangerous to our health. Big diesel trucks. There's no pollution more disgusting than the thick, noxious smoke that billows from these trucks. They're one of the last big uncontrolled sources of air pollution in the nation."
The ad goes on to tell listeners that a single diesel truck pollutes as much as 100 cars, and that diesel soot has been linked to lung cancer, asthma attacks and respiratory disease.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been in a battle with the trucking industry and engine manufacturers over proposed emission regulations. The industry says the EPA overstepped its bounds and did not base its regulations on good science.
The Lung Assn. ad says, "President Clinton wants to clean up the dirty trucks and the dirty diesel fuel they use. But big oil companies are fighting the cleanup. They'd rather fight clean air than produce clean fuel."
The ad concludes by urging listeners to call President Clinton "and tell him you want dirty diesel trucks and diesel fuel cleaned up now - before they cause any more damage."
The commercials began airing Friday on major Washington, DC, radio stations.