Five months after beginning an unfair labor practices strike against Overnite Transportation, the Teamsters Union has launched an advertising campaign lashing out at the fleet.

The radio, TV and print ads praise hard-working Americans who deserve "a fair shake on the job," and blasts Overnite, a subsidiary of Union Pacific, for unfair labor practices.
"Overnite has forced us to escalate to a new level in our campaign of support for the courageous workers on strike against its unfair labor practices," said Teamsters President James P. Hoffa. "The Teamsters will spare no resource in our campaign to civilize Overnite."
The TV ad begins and ends with a flying American flag. During the voiceover, video shows Union Pacific trains, Overnite trucks, and striking Teamsters. A grainy black-and-white video that looks like it came from a security camera accompanies the narrator's voice saying, "Overnite Transportation, a subsidiary of Union Pacific, is denying its workers a voice on the job through a multi-million dollar campaign of threats and intimidation that makes the company one of America's worst labor law violators."
The radio ad asks the public to "Send Overnite and its customers a message. Stop shopping at stores doing business with Overnite until Overnite recognizes the rights of its workers."
The advertising campaign will run in major markets around the country and began yesterday. The Teamsters and Overnite are scheduled to head back to the bargaining table this week.