Sterling says there is a common myth that its trucks are heavy, and it is working to debunk that myth through an independent weight comparison and through two special lightweight spec'ed trucks at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY.

An independent research firm compared the weights of a similarly spec'ed Sterling Silver Star and competitive large-sleeper models. (The Peterbilt 387 was not available for comparison.) The comparison found that Sterling is very competitive in the weight department, even weighing in lighter than several competitors, according to Sterling's John Merrifield.
Sterling also is showing lightweight-spec versions of the Silver Star and the LT8500 day cab bulk hauler at the show. "This is not a concept truck, not a stripped-down model," Merrifield said. "The weight reflects thoughtful component selection."
The lightweight Silver Star tips the scales at just under 17,000 pounds, including features such as a 470-horsepower Detroit Diesel engine and 18-speed Eaton Fuller transmission, and full chassis and side fairings. In addition to the aluminum cab and sleeper, the lightweight Silver Star spec includes many other weight-reducing aluminum components, including the fuel tanks, wheels, hubs, air reservoirs, flywheel housing, clutch housing, and rear axle carrier. It also uses lightweight brake drums to save weight compared to standard cast-iron drums.