Whose trucking community web venture is headed up by the biggest name in real world trucking?

Three e-commerce web startups recently announced big names at the top. All three leaders are associated with venerable trucking brand names.
The first was Brian Kinsey, once a high-profile vice president of Landstar System of Jacksonville, FL, the nation's 14th largest commercial fleet. In December, Kinsey was named president and CEO of CarrierPoint Inc., of Atlanta, GA.
CarrierPoint is launching a kind of trucking community on the Internet at www.carrierpoint.com. Member carriers will have access to a freight-matching marketplace, a buying cooperative and various services and information sources. But CarrierPoint isn't the only company with that web idea, nor is it the only company to tap talent from major trucking logos.
In February, James D. Ritchie, former vice president of Ryder Integrated Logistics, Miami, FL, was named president and CEO of Transportation.com, Overland Park, KS. Ryder is the nation's 12th largest commercial fleet. Transportation.com will launch a logistics company built around a web-based trucking market place and cooperative community at www.transportation.com.
This month, John Lanigan was named president and chief operating officer of Logistics.com, an Internet marketplace for big name shippers and carriers. Lanigan had been chief operating officer of Schneider National, Green Bay, WI, the largest truckload carrier in the country. Logistics.com intends to offer member carriers access to sophisticated operations software at www.logistics.com.
How will these three trucking execs do in e-world? Stay tuned.