HDATA, the new e-commerce initiative from HD America Inc., has grown to be the largest mover of electronic data and electronic services in the independent heavy duty aftermarket, according to president Patrick Biermann.

HDATA uses the Internet to connect member distributors and fleet customers with HD America and its suppliers. "HDATA enabled us to quadruple our electronic transaction volume last year, and is projected to grow by more than 200% in 2000," Biermann said.
Using multiple protocols, all parties have access to their own files with complete security.
Features include a link to supplier databases to permit part number searches, application information, cross-references, catalogs, core status, and buy/sell cores. HDATA also has a provision for bar coding, parts scanning, vendor managed inventories, and automatic inventory replenishment.
In addition to parts ordering and monitoring, HDATA provides financial data, electronic funds transfer, customer statements, inventory turns, and profit efficiency for its members. The financial package processes remittance advice, automates cash application, and accommodates parts warranty and labor claims.