The Ohio Department of Transportation, along with the cities of Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo, are taking a close look at what needs to be done to Interstate 75 as traffic continues to increase.

Over the next six months to a year, ODOT plans to identify stretches along the interstate that are prone to traffic backups and other problems, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. At the same time, major cities along I-75 will investigate engineering solutions, such as interstate upgrades, light rail and freight train traffic.
I-75 accounts for 1% of the lane miles in Ohio, but carries 11% of the traffic and 13% of the truck traffic.
During a public meeting on the topic last week, one trucking company owner noted that with today's emphasis on just-in-time delivery, dealing with bottlenecks is more important than ever.
The study of I-75 will look at the corridor as one economic region, and will consider the effects that projects such as malls will have on the highway. The project could be expanded outside of Ohio to include Detroit, MI, and Lexington, KY.