During a recent seminar on recruiting and retaining drivers, Markinetics/Fleet Solutions Alliance offered some "crazy things companies do." Here's a sampling:
1. CEOs have determined that capacity development is their number one issue, but they do not spend consulting or training money on recruiting or retention, and do not have a person on the management team who is clearly accountable for recruiting and retention results.
2. Retention is allegedly a top-level issue, but while there is a marketing plan, an operations plan, an MIS plan and so on, there is no retention plan.
3. Companies claim drivers are vital to their success, but they don't allow drivers into the corporate offices or clean the driver's lounge -- if there is a driver's lounge.

4. Recruiting managers spend thousands of dollars on advertising, but they don't train recruiters how to sell on the phone and don't measure the results of advertising.
5. Recruiting new drivers is a big priority, but recruiters can't get software to help them manage the process, can't get priority with the MIS department, maybe can't even get a computer in the first place.
6. Recruiting drivers is really a sales process, but recruiting is often led by Safety or Human Resources, recruiters are not selected based on sales background or skills, and no sales training is provided.
Retention is allegedly a top level issue, but companies do not communicate the priority and accountability for retention to everyone in the organization. An open-door policy at the top doesn't help if the receptionist is rude to drivers.