A restructuring plan may be in the works for debt-laden Japanese truck maker Nissan Diesel.

Nissan Diesel's main banks, along with part owners Nissan and Renault, are looking at a capital injection of 10 billion yen plus a four-year credit line of 200 billion yen (about $1.96 billion). The plan also calls for selling off some of Nissan Diesel's non-automotive assets.
With the financial bail-out, further cooperation with Renault's truck-making operations is expected. Nissan and Renault both hold a 22.5% stake in Nissan Diesel. Renault bought its stake in the truck maker earlier this year, when it bought a controlling minority stake in Nissan. (Renault also owns Mack Trucks.) One possibility is mutual supply of truck engines and cabs.
Renault officials have said that the company wouldn't invest any more money in Nissan Diesel unless the company worked out a bail-out agreement with creditors.
Final agreement on a restructuring plan is expected by the end of January.
Renault's purchase of a stake in Nissan Diesel put the brakes on takeover talks of Nissan Diesel by DaimlerChrysler, parent company of Freightliner. However, published reports suggest that takeover negotiations are again under way.
Meanwhile, Renault and Nissan announced a strategy to link their European sales and distribution organizations.