The Federal Trade Commission has withdrawn a subpoena for a Florida trucker involved in trying to organize owner-operators serving East Coast ports, but the FTC says its investigation into port trucker organizing activities is still going on.

Tony Fernandez, president of the local chapter of the United Container Movers Assn., was subpoenaed last month, along with several other truckers who have been involved recently in organizing activities. The Jacksonville Times-Union reports that Fernandez' subpoena was withdrawn, but the FTC's investigation continues. (See "FTC Investigates Port Trucker Organizing Efforts.")
Fernandez credits the Teamsters union's involvement for the withdrawal of the subpoena. The union last week sent a letter to the FTC chastising it for what it called intimidation tactics. (See "Teamsters Commit To Organizing Port Drivers.") The subpoena was served only a week before a meeting of port truckers, which Fernandez helped to organize.
An FTC spokeswoman told the paper that it is not unheard of for the agency to take back a subpoena, especially if new information comes to light.