Independent truckstop members of Professional Transportation Partners (PTP) will be offering a new loyalty program for drivers by the end of the year.
The organization previously issued Gold Bond Stamps to drivers for fuel and other truckstop purchases.
Called Points to Partners, the incentive program will require drivers to complete an application available at participating truckstops. Application can also be made by calling a toll-free number (888-488-7642), or via the Internet at
Qualified drivers will be issued magnetic stripe membership cards and receive points for all fuel purchases - one point per gallon for purchase of less than 115 gallons, two points per gallon for purchase of more than 115 gallons. Participating stops may also elect to issue points for other purchases such as restaurant charges, convenience store items, repairs, etc. at the rate of two points per dollar spent.
Bert Newman, PTP president, said drivers will be able to review their point totals at any time by calling the toll-free number, by visiting the PTP web site, or by swiping their card on special equipment at the truckstop. Points may be redeemed immediately at any participating truckstop.
The Partner Points card may also be used as a competitively priced long-distance phone card. And drivers in the program may use it to gain Internet access across the country at reduced rates, including free e-mail address and extra bonus points.