Officials at Landstar System say they're confident that a proposed "unsatisfactory" safety rating for its Landstar Ligon division will never take effect.

Under current DOT rules, carriers have from 45 to 60 days to appeal a recommendation or correct problems cited by inspectors before the rating becomes effective. The Ligon rating, recommended by DOT's Kentucky Divisional Office, would be effective January 2, 2000. Meantime the carrier retains its "satisfactory" rating.
Landstar says it is looking into problems identified in the Ligon audit and will promptly submit the required Corrective Action Plan with a request that the proposed rating be improved to satisfactory.
"We are confident tht upon the completion of this process, Ligon's proposed safety rating will be upgraded to conditional and believe that it may be upgraded to satisfactory," said Landstar Chairman, President and CEO Jeffrey Crowe.
The proposed rating does not apply to Landstar's other carrier subsidiaries.