Barjan Products has acquired Wilson Antenna, the top CB radio antenna company in the country, as well as Unique Products, a specialty trucking merchandise firm.
Barjan says these acquisitions will make it the top CB antenna manufacturer in the country, as well as adding significant product development capabilities. The company expects the deal to help it double its annual sales by 2002.
Effective Aug. 6, Barjan bought the assets of Wilson Electronics Co., the manufacturer of Wilson brand antennas and other CB products, as well as Wilson Antenna Inc., the company's distribution arm. In addition to broadening its CB antenna offering, this move will let Barjan expand distribution into the CB dealer channel for the first time.
Unique Products markets and distributes a proprietary line of specialty merchandise, such as fuel gauges, wash brushes, and pens for writing at night. This gives Barjan an established, branded product line for sale to its travel center customers.
"With these new acquisitions, we have broadened our investment in the CB antenna market, gained shelf space in the travel centers we service, and opened the door to a new retail channel in one fell swoop," says Steve Huber, president of Barjan.
These are the eighth and ninth acquisitions Barjan has made within the last two years. In May, Barjan bought two national distributors of prerecorded music cassettes, CDs, videotapes, audiobooks and other entertainment products.