Giant LTL carrier Consolidated Freightways is using e-commerce to get into the household goods business., debuting this week, combines some of the conveniences of a full-service moving company with the low cost of a self-serve truck rental.
Consumers have two days to pack and load their household goods into a 28-foot trailer that CF brings to their residence. Once the freight is packed and loaded, the trailer is picked up by a CF driver and transported through CF's nationwide network. Once the trailer gets to its destination, customers have two days to unload. CF then picks up the empty trailer.
Most customers will sign up through the Internet site at The site delivers rate quotes, packing and loading tips, real-time load tracking, insurance options, and related information to help families who are moving.
Consumers also can call a toll-free number for bookings.
" is extremely convenient for self-service movers who want to avoid the hassle of driving more than 500 miles in a rental truck, often with their families in tow," says Marty Larson, director of e-commerce and marketing technology.
Pricing is based on space. Customers pay only for the trailer floor space actually used.