Philadelphia police staged their sixth truck crackdown in four months Tuesday, putting 11 trucks out of service in three hours on Girard Avenue near 38th Street.
According to the Philadelphia Daily News, police pulled 40 trucks off the road for inspections conducted by the state Highway Patrol, Pennsylvania State Police and Pennsylvania DOT weight units. They found 91 violations, issued 63 citations, and took 11 trucks off the road for 24 violations such as unsecure loads and inoperative turn signals. Some drivers were put out of service because they were unable to produce a commercial driver’s license. One was arrested for carrying a handgun without a permit.
Traffic court officers also were on hand to check for scofflaws who owed money on earlier tickets. They found a few, who made arrangements on the spot for later hearings.
Police say this is not the last of the surprise inspections, prompted by a rash of serious truck accidents in the area.