Overweight trucks will be subject to higher fines in South Dakota under a bill passed last week by the state Legislature.
Gov. Bill Janklow has been pushing for laws cracking down on overweight trucks and helped write the compromise version, so he is likely to sign it into law.
The law would increase fines by 50% for trucks caught exceeding the weight limit by more than 3,000 pounds. Any vehicle more than 10,000 pounds overweight would pay double the usual fine. The state also can force counties to enforce weight limits by withholding road construction money.
Janklow’s original proposal would have given law officers authority to inspect weigh scale tickets from elevators and other businesses that weigh trucks, but lawmakers said that was too much of an invasion of privacy. Some are still upset that the compromise measure will allow officials to look at scale tickets for trucks hauling materials used in state or local road construction projects.