Dec. 14 – New federal regulations regarding lift truck operator training also apply to truck drivers who may occasionally use the equipment for loading or unloading.

Stricter training standards recently adopted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require employers to assure employees are properly trained and evaluated before being allowed to operate lift trucks or other powered industrial equipment. The rules apply to construction, shipyards and marine terminals as well as general industry, including trucking and the industries it serves.
In its final rules, OSHA was careful to point out that employees don’t have to train workers just because they might be called upon to operate a lift truck. However, OSHA mandated training and evaluation must be done before an employee is allowed to operate a lift truck.
Training is the responsibility of the employer, although it can be done by an outside company, such as a lift truck dealer or manufacturer.
Details of required training and evaluation can be obtained through OSHA field offices or on its web site at