Oct. 14 – Faced with higher membership dues, the nation's third largest truckload carrier and largest user of owner-operators has pulled out of the American Trucking Assns.
After 10 years' membership, Landstar System terminated its affiliation Oct. 1. “ATA’s new dues structure is inconsistent with the value large companies receive,” says Brian Kinsey, Landstar vice president of operations. “We plan to use that money where the value will be better recognized by our small business partners (independent contractors and agents).”
Like most of the 15 largest carriers that belong to ATA, Landstar has always negotiated the rate it paid for dues. Kinsey says with the association's new administration, those days are over. “We have been paying a six-figure amount, in the $100,000 to $200,000 range, and we were faced with a 25% to 30% increase.”
Landstar says although it’s terminating its membership in ATA, it's not taking a lower profile in protecting its interests. “We intend to continue our strong leadership role in protecting the interests of our business associates in Washington, state capitals and other legislative bodies through our network of contacts and other industry associations,” Kinsey says.