The 21st Century Driver and Truck Alliance has been formed to ensure capabilities of 21st century truckers will match that of the equipment they drive. Designed to see the driver considered first and not last during technology development, the alliance hopes to mobilize government, business and academia to conduct and sponsor relevant research and development.
Formed at the Driver Training and Development Alliance held in March, the group also plans to support state-of-the-art training techniques and monitor equipment developments to see that the needs of trucking’s changing workforce are met. The group intends to provide recommendations for research to advance driver training effectiveness and ensure communication between the driver community and vehicle and component manufacturers.
Chaired by Tony Benjamin, president of Certified Transports of Seattle, the group also includes: Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese; Lana Batts, Truckload Carriers Assn. and Professional Truck Driver Institute of America; Eric Brachhausen, American Technology Alliance; Kevin Doliole, New Orleans International Airport; Pepe Fegueroa, Priority One Service; Richard Grace, Carnegie Mellon Research Institute; William Leasure, Truck Manufacturers Assn.; Alan Leseky, Vehicle Enhancement Systems; Mike Malecha, Air-Lite Transport; Claudia Schoonhoven, Amos Truck School; and Vic Suski, America Trucking Assns.