Equipped with the Hino J08 8.0L diesel engine, the L series offers fleets 


Equipped with the Hino J08 8.0L diesel engine, the L series offers fleets 

Photo: Hino Trucks

For years, Hino conventional models were the fastest growing medium-duty trucks. Now, the new L Series, which replaces the 238 through 338 conventional lineup, improves upon that standard. 

Available in the L6 (Class 6) and L7 (Class 7), the Hino L Series is built with improvements in driver and passenger comfort, safety, and functionality. 

“The most exciting addition is the new cab configurations. The 30-inch extended cab will have seating for five, and the 44-inch crew cab will have full-size doors, seat six passengers, and provide the comfort of rear zone A/C and heat,” said Dominik Beckman, director of marketing and dealer operations for Hino Trucks. “We have several customers in the towing, utility, landscaping, moving, municipal, etc., industries that are excited about the added cab capacity.”

The L Series falls in the same GVWR range of applications as the previous models, ranging from 23,000- to 33,000-pounds GVWR: 23,000-25,950 pounds for the L6 and 33,000 pounds for the L7. 

“The Hino Conventional model has always been a great truck across the assortment of medium-duty applications,” Beckman said. “Now, with more options, wheelbases, and the addition of the extended and crew cabs, it is more versatile than ever before.”

Equipped with the Hino J08 8.0L diesel engine, the L series offers fleets dependability. 

“The proven Hino drivetrain is the backbone of all of our products, and the L Series is no exception,” Beckman said. “The Hino J08 has a track record globally of being a very dependable engine. We mate this to an Allison 6-speed automatic transmission, Dana Driveline, and Meritor axles.”

Re-engineered Interior for Driver Comfort & Satisfaction

With extended cab and crew cab configurations, the L series provides drivers and passengers greater comfort in their rolling offices. 

“The design team outdid themselves on the L Series,” Beckman said. “The interior was completely re-engineered with an automotive-grade finish designed for commercial use and improved functionality, steering wheel controls, a large 7-inch LCD multi-information display, more storage, and additional legroom. The new interior is very impressive.”

The L Series comes standard with many features to improve driver comfort and effectiveness, including an air-ride driver’s seat that spares a driver’s back by putting air between the driver and the roughness of the road, air conditioning, tilt & telescoping steering column, Bluetooth Radio with CD player, USB charging port, A/C, and cruise control. 

Five Features to Watch on the Hino L Series

The new Hino L Series has several specific features focused on making these trucks ideal for any vocational application, including: 

1. Comfort. Equipped with an air-ride driver’s seat, air conditioning, a tilt & telescoping steering column, Bluetooth Radio with CD player, USB charging port, A/C, and cruise control, the L Series is designed for driver comfort. 

2. Dependability. With a proven Hino drivetrain, Hino J08 engine, and Allison 6-speed automatic transmission, the L Series is dependable and backed by a five-year warranty.

3. Safety. Hino’s new Active Safety Suite is available on the L Series and includes Collision Mitigation, Active Cruise Control, Electronic Stability Control, and Lane Departure Warning.

4. Connectivity. Five years of the Hino Insight connected vehicle management platform enabling operation efficiencies as not additional cost. 

5. Versatility. More options, wheelbases, and the addition of extended and crew cabs make the Hino L Series more versatile than ever before.

Likewise, a fully galvanized steel cab with extra rigidity improves ride comfort and reduces in-cab noise. These features aim to address the industry’s challenges with driver retention by improving driver comfort and satisfaction. A standard two-person passenger seat and roomier cab also improve crew comfort.

The interior isn’t the only part of the truck to receive upgrades. A new exterior design boasts a bolder front fascia and available LED headlights and front spoiler.

A New Suite of Safety Features

Another improvement that benefits both drivers and fleets is the Hino L Series’ new suite of safety systems that employ cutting edge camera and radar technologies.

“A big change to the L Series that is helping fleets is the addition of the Hino Active Safety Suite. Now with Collision Mitigation (CMS), Active Cruise Control (ACC), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), and Lane Departure Warning (LDW), the L Series is helping fleets meet their safety goals of protecting their drivers and reducing collision costs,” Beckman added. “The safety doesn’t stop there. We introduced a seatbelt sensor and moved a number of the popular driver controls to the steering wheel as well.”

The Hino L Series cab also features exterior grab handles, deep all-weather grip steps, and extra-wide door openings so drivers can enter and exit the cab safely and with ease. A high seating position and a 2,385-square-inch windshield also improve visibility for the driver.  

The L Series features several driver comfort features, including Bluetooth Radio, a USB charging...

The L Series features several driver comfort features, including Bluetooth Radio, a USB charging port, A/C, and cruise control, among other safety and tech options. 

Photo: Hino Trucks

Connected Features for Fleets

Beyond driver comfort and safety, the L Series comes standard with Hino Insight, which has been enabling connected vehicle advantages for fleets since 2016. It provides a Hino exclusive telematics, remote diagnostics, and case management experience in one integrated platform. 

Insight’s vehicle and driver management tools are intended to improve uptime, lower operating costs, and improve fleet competitiveness.

“The truck is just the beginning. We embrace a philosophy of Ultimate Ownership Experience,” Beckman said. “This means we stand behind our product in a very tangible way. From our five-year engine/transmission warranty to our standard connected vehicle platform, Hino customers are getting a lot more than a truck when they join the Hino family.”  

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